American Values

Good old American values. American values are great in principle, but we don’t seem very consistent in practicing them. Our values are different based on where you live and who you are. If you are a straight, white, upper-middle class American, your values seem to be the most important in the country. Unfortunately, the majority of us do not fit that bill. A few in this country make the rules for everyone else. I don’t have a problem with rules that are fair to everyone and that make sense, but there are too many rules based on the values of the few. American values should be based on equality, fairness, and compassion towards other people. Americans value freedom and equality, but if you are a minority or homosexual, that doesn’t necessarily apply to you. People think that their values are the only acceptable values. This is not the case. My values may be different from yours, but that does not make them any less valuable. I don’t practice any type of religion, but that doesn’t mean that I feel that religious values should be outlawed. If you believe in God or some other power, that’s fine as long as you don’t think that your beliefs should take precedent over my beliefs or anyone else’s. If your beliefs force discrimination or hatred based on other people’s beliefs, then I have a problem. If you don’t believe in equality and freedom, then find another country or perhaps another time. I hear that Hitler only didn’t tolerate other people’s beliefs. Maybe that would be better for you. Or perhaps, you could find someone like Saddam Hussein. His values might be closer to your own. If you cannot accept the melting pot, then find another pot. Diversity is what made this country what it is today. Diversity is the future of the world, accept it and get over it. People who are hateful and think their way is the only way, are going to be really pissed when they realize where the world is headed. American values are everyone’s values not just a select few. Part of the problem is the people that we elect to public office. Most of them do not speak for the people; they speak for whoever will get them elected. I would love to see a real candidate. A person who isn’t afraid to speak what they really believe regardless of the cost to their election campaign. They should run their campaign based on their values. Not the values of the majority. If people said what they really felt instead of shying away from confrontation and the fear that people will shy away from them, the world would be a better and fairer world.