Assisted Suicide


Why is there such an issue with assisted suicide? We can terminate the life of the unborn, but I cannot make the decision to end my suffering. That makes no sense at all. That is yet another contradiction in American society. As an adult, I should have the right to end my life with dignity instead of pain, misery, and suffering. If I had a terminal disease and knew that my last days would be horrible, I would end my life. I can do that my a simple injection overseen by a doctor, or with a shotgun in my mouth. Trust me, the first option is much less painful to me and my family. It is also much cleaner. I think that this is just another attack on individual rights. Yet another example of someone’s religious beliefs taking precedence over an individual’s right. I don’t have a problem with the government stepping in to protect the innocent, but an adult should have the right to make the decision for themselves. People say that the system would get abused by people wanting to get rid of ill people to collect the inheritance. This may occur from time to time, but name me one system on this planet that is immune to abuse in one form or another. All we can do is try to monitor each situation and hope that most people are not so dishonorable. In any case, to the people who tell me that I do not have the right to make this decision for myself, I say this to you. “Go screw yourself, and I will see you in Hell!” Have a nice day. ?