Cell Phones

Cellular phones are a great tool when used properly. The problem is that people don’t use any type of etiquette when it comes to cell phones. For starters, in a movie theatre, one should turn their phone to vibrate. If it rings during the movie, step outside and answer it. If you are not fast enough, then call the person back when you get outside the theatre. People who talk on the phone while in the theatre, should have their phone shoved where the sun does not shine. Such behavior is just plain rude. At the very least, the offending person should be kicked out of the theatre and their money not refunded. If you are waiting for a call that is so important that you must take it, then why are you sitting in the theatre anyway? I don’t have a problem with people talking on the phone while they are driving just so long as they are paying more attention to the driving instead of the phone call. When I am on the phone, I am probably more alert than when I am not on the phone. However, too many times I see people who are on the phone and cannot stay in their lane, or can’t maintain a consistent speed. These people should be ticketed by the police. Banning cell phone use in cars is not the answer. People think that banning cell phone use will fix all the problems. That is pure and utter bull shit! If you are going to ban cell phones, then you need to ban putting on make-up, shaving, doing your hair, eating, talking on the CB radio, reading the newspaper and changing radio stations. Some of this sounds extreme, but I have seen all of these things being done. The many should not be punished for the few. I manage a business, and I need to be reached at any time on any day. I will not give up my cell phone. If you think that cell phones in cars should be banned, I sure as hell better never see you talking on one while you are going down the road. Also you had better not be reading, eating, talking on the CB, or fixing your hair.