Click it or Ticket

The State of Michigan was running a program called click it or ticket. Give me a break. It is nice to see that my tax dollars are going to try to educate stupid ass people about the use of seat belts. Whoever came up with this idea should get kicked in the head. Why are our limited financial resources used on protecting people from their own ignorance. Yea, lets try to protect the dumb ass people who don’t wear their seatbelts. If these people want to show their stupidity and not wear a seatbelt, then let them. When they get thrown out of the car wind shield, then they will get the message. I could give a rats ass about what happens to them. I would much rather see my tax dollars spent on something that can help protect everyone, not just the dumb asses. Let’s see, for starters, how about the people who frequently run red lights causes in most cases near misses, and in some cases serious accidents. At an intersection near my place of business, I watch as the light changes, and it is not uncommon for 2 or more cars to run the red. I am not talking about the people who just clear the intersection as the light turn’s red, I am talking about the morons that proceed through the intersection after they see the red light. I hope that I am one of the “lucky” ones that get hit by one of these maniacs. For their sake, I hope they kill me, because if they don’t, I will make their lives a living hell. I will not rest until they are praying for their own death. The same thing applies for the people who drive 30 MPH through parking lots and are more focused on yelling at their kids than they are at watching for pedestrians or other cars. How about the people who drive 10 MPH under the speed limit in the left lane? The left lane is for passing and fast moving traffic, not for site seeing. These people are the cause of traffic backups and accidents. Not speeding. If people used their turn signals, drove in the proper lane, and paid attention to where the hell they are going, there would not be so much of the “road rage” that the media is always talking about. Don’t get mad at me if I pass you and then pull back into the left lane. If you were where you belonged, it would not be an issue. Don’t mess with a man that is crazier than you. Trust me, I am much crazier than you, and I don’t have shit to lose. Drive properly and we will get along fine. Drive improperly and be prepared for the consequences and remember, I don’t give a damn.