Drugs and Alcohol

Over the centuries, drugs and alcohol have been widely used be people for various reasons. In modern times, especially in younger circles, drugs and alcohol are thought to be cool. Unfortunately, this is really not the case and I wish that more people could understand that. First, let’s talk about drug use. Plain and simple, drugs do much more harm than they will ever do good. When one first uses drugs, they think that they are cool and it makes them funny and more fun to be around. They think it makes the pain go away and life better. Unfortunately, the opposite is the truth. Drugs are dangerous and cause people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Lie, cheat, steal, have sex, and a host of other things. Even though it may seem to at the time, drugs do not make problems go away and the feeling that you get from them is only temporary. The drug wears off, the problems are still there. Now I will give my speech about drinking. Drinking does many of the same things that drugs do. Drunken people are funny and are fun to be around is what people say. That may be partially true. People who have had a lot to drink loosen up and may act a little crazy. Sure that can be entertaining, but there are also people who get violent when they are drunk. I don’t mind if people drink responsibly. As far as drugs and alcohol are concerned, here is what I believe. If you need to drink, or use drugs to enjoy yourself, something is wrong. If you think that either of these activities makes you a better person, or that people will like or accept you more, you are dead wrong. True friends stick by you regardless. True people like you for who you really are, not what you are like when you are drunk or high. I don’t mind a drink or two once and a while, but if I can’t have a good time with people unless I am tipsy, than I don’t want to be around them. If people try to pressure me to get drunk, then they are not my friends. If you want to drink, then find someone to drive you. Don’t get on the road if you are buzzing or just plain drunk. Most of the people I know, don’t want to go to jail, get killed or the worst thing, kill someone else because they have had too much to drink. If you drink because you are sad, it won’t fix anything nor will drugs for that matter. If you are sad, then rely on your friends. True friends will be there for you know matter what. If the only way you can have a good time is being under some type of influence, then get some help and/or find new friends. Enjoy life for what it really is, not for what these substances make you think it is.