Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is a very touchy subject for most people. Many people cannot accept the fact that 2 men or 2 women could be in love with each other. Their religion dictates that it is a sin against God. The United States is supposed to be “The Great Melting Pot” and a society based on freedom of and from religion. Yet if many had their way, we homosexuals would all get sent away. Marriage to me is the ultimate expression of love. It is a symbol of love, loyalty, respect, and commitment. Two adults who love each other should have the right to be married. It shouldn’t matter whether or not they are the same sex, love is love. The feelings are still the same. So should the benefits. I don’t want to take away rights from Christians. There will be no future if we cannot accept each others differences. It is a matter or love, life and liberty. If this is truly a free society, why can I not marry the one that I love and enjoy the same benefits of marriage as everyone else does? I pay the same taxes, cut the grass, go to work, eat, sleep, and love. The only difference is who I love. If you take the Bible literally, and actually had to do exactly as it says, most people will go to hell. I am not a Religious person, but I don’t think that people who believe in God are evil or should be discriminated against. The only people that I have a problem with are those who think that we queers, should all be killed and sent to hell. (Fred Phelps) Life is hard enough without having to worry about getting taken advantage of because you are GLBT. Quite frankly, it can be called whatever, and I don’t care that much, however I deserve to have my love recognized just as much as the next person. I feel the same pain and have the same difficulties finding love, getting hurt, and being used. This I know all to well, but it hurts the same. Treat me with respect for my values and I will do the same for you. Who I love doesn’t affect you unless you are peeking in my bedroom window. Trust me; I don’t want to look through yours. Also, I believe that two men or women are just as well equipped to raise children as heterosexual couples. Allowing formal recognition of the commitment of a homosexual couple gives them the same rights for having their own children. Yes, I know, 2 men can’t have a baby, but there are surrogate mothers, and many children that need a home. From what I have seen so far, I could offer a better environment to kids than many heterosexual couples. Eventually, there will be some form of gay marriage allowed. I have to believe that the country that I support will stick to it’s foundation and truly allow for a free and equal society.