Let’s face it, this planet is run by politicians. The good, the bad, and the ugly. (Pardon the movie reference) Unfortunately there are more bad and ugly ones than good ones. Voting for a candidate is more a matter of picking the lesser of the evils. Politicians always have their own agendas regardless of what they tell the public. Politicians are supposed represent the people, and the common good. They are representatives of this country and what the country stands for. They are no better than the rest of us. In some cases, they are worse than the average American. Infidelity, drugs, lying, cheating, stealing. Many are no better than common criminals. I have yet to meet a politician that holds true to their word. Most will tell the people that they are talking to exactly what they want to hear. I would love to have a candidate who says what he or she really believes regardless of what it does to their campaign. Unfortunately, it is all about getting elected. The power and the privilege are more important than real issues. What is amazing is that people still support people who are caught cheating and doing activities that are morally wrong or in some cases illegal. I guess that depends what your definition of is, is. I hate to use Bill Clinton as an example, but I cannot think of a better example. If I had done what he did, I would be sitting in jail right now. The only reason that he got away with what he did was that he was Bill Clinton. The Republicans were made to look ruthless because they rode his ass over the issue. That’s just political strong arming by the Democratic Party. Give me a break. You can say that the attack was party related, but that is just an excuse. What he did was illegal and he should have received some type of punitive action. Yes, I agree that people will make mistakes. That is not the issue. I can forgive and forget, but only to a certain point. I used to consider myself a Republican, but I no longer feel that Republican or Democrat is appropriate because neither side is worth my loyalty. I have serious issues with policies from both sides. I may agree on some things, but probably not many. Most of our elected officials can’t be trusted as far as I can through an aircraft carrier. For example the bills that are designed to do one thing in particular have a rider attached that gives money to something totally unrelated. It is snuck in to cater to one person’s desires. This, to me, seems very dishonest. If you want something, ask for it. Do not try to hide what you are doing by tacking on the 10 million dollars for this and that. Stick to the issue at hand. If you want that 10 million dollars, give a valid reason, make your case, and see what happens. Politicians should not only represent their constituents, by the entire country. Everyone can’t have it their way. Some decisions may not be the best for one area, but my better the whole. It’s a tough thing to do, but it may be necessary. All people think about is themselves. We are one country, decisions should be made in the best interest of the country. A politician should represent all people, not just the powerful who will keep them in office. Another sore spot I have about politics is term limits. Who the hell came up with this as a good idea? In my opinion, term limits are a way to change what might not need to be changed. If we want to be rid of someone, they can be voted out of office. That is one of the reasons that we vote. All term limits achieve is potentially forcing out a quality representative. If someone wishes to be a career politician, more power to them. If they do their job with honor and integrity, why would be kick them out. Good people are hard to find, and why would we want to lose them? If you have an employee who is an outstanding employee, would you tell them to leave because you don’t want them to work for you for more than 10 years? Term limits make no sense. If you want someone not to serve another term, VOTE!!!! Do your civic duty. If you don’t vote, then you do not have the right to bitch about the person in office. They are there because you didn’t take the time to vote.